ECHO London Timebank fantastic offers- pizza making, business social, fab venues..

We want you to join our Timebank with local connections and a Redbridge feel as well as the large and funky ECHO Timebank! 🙂

Here’s a link to upcoming ECHO events.

timebank website photoJoin the Redbridge Timebank –  trades can take place whenever you want to set the up. We have 120 members and growing. Run by Sophia Hubs, we are very much in need of volunteers to help us take this to the next level, and you get ‘paid’ in hours. Our next exciting, live trading event is Saturday 23rd April – a trading floor in Ilford Library.

ECHO logoJoin the ECHO Timebank – there are over 2000 businesses and people registered and trading with hours.  ECHO set up our platform and the currency has been shared so far – Echos. Very recently ECHO moved to a new platform and we have not caught up yet, so it’s yet to be worked out how we can continue trading together…. we just need a bit more time 🙂




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