Setting up an interpreter training service on a shoe string – Redbridge micro business guest blog

Ansah HussainI love my work which is about allowing people to use the skills they already have to help people break the language barrier.  In 2010, I took the plunge and set up my own training centre in language communication. I had experience in the field, so why not! .

At Language communication we deliver professional development courses for public sector interpreters ,whether you are a complete beginner or already experienced interpreter. We have dynamic trainers who are friendly and professinal and will take you step by step into what exactly interpreting is and how you progress in the field.

I’ve just secured a contract with a leading interpreting agency Language Empire so I will be delivering their programme. So whoever comes on m y course will have a really good chance of getting freelance work with them as well.

Interpreters can make really good money and I think people will be interested in that. Interpreters can Language Communication training service logomake average rate is £15- £30 an hour. Theres a lot of professsional development for interpreters so if later on they want to go into mental health training, social services etc, we can offer them that training as well.

I am proud of the business skills I’ve used to make the business a success.

  • The setting up costs were not too much, it was actually on a shoe string!
  • We rent self serviced offices and training rooms at Olympic house, Ilford as and when we need them.
  • The website was created using wix wherebyou can create your own website rather than pay a designer I discovered that emails and domains are also very simple to access and cost effective paying small annual fees
  • Advertising is mostly by word of mouth, referrals ,networking, attending events and advertising in a local magazine (Essex central).

The demand for the courses is there , however, making people aware of it is the real task, but then again that’s business for you! I am looking forward to having a stall at the Seven Kings drop in and hope to recruit customers.

Please come and visit my stall!

Ansah Hussain

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