Redbridge Enterprise Desk gives go ahead for Timebank trading floor events

An exciting pilot of business skill sharing in live action trading led by Sophia Hubs

The Redbridge Timebank piloted some live action spontaneous skills trading in February See who turns up and what skills they can offer… write them up on the board… Redbridge Timebank logosee who is looking for some help with something…write that on the board… networking… decision time on the trades that will take place…. Timebank Team set up the room… and then an hour of trading. 🙂

The Timebank is an internationally recognised way of trading that values exchanges equally on time, not money. The HMRC know all about it and there’s no problem there. Sophia Hubs and Enterprise Desk led a Redbridge white paper discussion on the alternative economy in December and there was agreement that there are untapped resources for businesses in lean times.

Enterprise Exchange is offering its space on two Saturday afternoons, to try it out in the Central Library.

  • Saturday 23 April 2-4pm (register at 2pm, trading 2.45-3.45) report here
  • Saturday 18th June 1pm-3pm (register at 1pm, trading 1.45-2.45)

Please pass on the word about this.   There’s wifi for help with anything to do with social media or IT and space for mini workshops, massage etc.  Registering will be by Eventbrite – to be set up later.

In the meantime, please register on the Timebank (we give you 5 hours for joining) and email us to let us know if you plan to come. 07707 460309



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