Entrepreneur’s club for start ups to explore alternative economy in Redbridge with business students

Sophia Hubs entrepreneur’s club to explore using Timebank and alternative economies for your start-up

The 2nd joint entrepreneur’s club with Redbridge College business students will take place on Thursday 17 March 5-7pm.  This is for mutual benefit. The students (many of whom plan to set up  in business) can meet and learn from the experiences of real, live start-ups and the start-ups can get support, feedback and advice from the younger generation. 🙂

AidanThe speaker will be Sophia Hubs director Aidan Ward, who runs his own business and is an advocate of the alternative economy and of the value of business and community relationships.  Aidan was speaker at a recent Enterprise Desk ‘white paper’ on what the alternative economies could bring Redbridge – read about it here.

Aidan will be speaking to start-ups on the same themes  as the white paper event and there will be group work and conversations to follow. Students can support start-ups to think through ways of increasing networks, resources and trades through the

Redbridge Timebank logo

Timebank logo

Timebank and other platforms.

A stimulating session guaranteed! Please would start-ups arrive so that the session can start at 5 with everyone there.  The students are waiting from 3.30 when previous class ends!

Redbridge College has excellent free parking, bike parking and is on bus routes.  It’s quite a long walk from Chadwell Heath station. Info about travel and location here.


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