Redbridge Timebank trading floor pilot a success and invitation to our Bank meeting Monday 12.30

Redbridge Timebank logoThe Redbridge Timebank held a new style event on Wednesday – a marketplace and trading floor which worked well.  Redbridge is a happening place!

17 people attended including 5 businesses, 4 start-ups and 2 thinking of starting a business.

trading floor feb 16 1 trading floor feb 16 2 trading floor feb 16 3

The trades on offer were – help to make flyers with Brian, making Kefir pro biotic with Ifty and Julie, touch meditation with Sam and CV help with Jayabalam. Trades booked in for later – Bea to help Kathy to choose the right legal format for her social enterprise, Brian to help Ros and Gladys with flyers…

We think the Timebank has enormous potential for the Redbridge economy and you are invited to our Bank meeting to review systems, business plan and events.  Monday 27 March 12.30 at St Johns Church, St John’s Road, Seven Kings, IG2 7BB. Please do text /call 07707 460309 or email or if you are coming. Thanks! 🙂

For more info on the trading floor pilot, click here.

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