Missed the fab Redbridge entrepreneur’s club? Join Marketing Queen Bee free Google maps 4 business workshops

Thanks so much to Lorraine Tapper the Marketing Queen Bee for leading our entrepreneur’s cropped-sh-logo-final-2014-e1397227444529.jpgclub yesterday. An incredible amount of advice and simple tips were passed on and we were riveted!   🙂

Here’s a few tips on targeting traffic which is the lifeblood of your marketing…

  • marketing queen beeMake your email signature click-able – to send readers direct to your website page of choice
  • For each Facebook post let your readers know what they need to do – click this, like it, share it or whatever – add a jpeg with the instruction
  • Your website needs a landing page for each product or service – what the product or service is, what you need to do (give your first name and email here), what they will get (free consultation, free info sheet or whatever)  – like this
  • Have your phone number prominently on all your website pages
  • Get your business on google maps…

Lorraine is running a series of free workshops in Newham explaining how to get your business on Google maps..  Bookable on Eventbrite here.  2nd, 16, 30 March 6.30-8.  She also gave a strong recommendation for Fiverr for logos, visuals and creating  your website landing pages.

Thanks Lorraine and we will take you up on your offer to come again!



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