Redbridge primary schools adopt Goodmayes and Seven Kings station in Crossrail community partnership

As Community Ambassadors at MTR Crossrail we work on developing and maintaining relationships with the communities we serve. We aim to create a personalised service by listening and responding to the views of our customers. In doing so, we look to strengthen our
work by adopting a multi-agency approach and conveying a sense of unity, pride and ownership.

Our recent projects include our station adoption programme, which involves schools situated in our local communities adopting our stations. The purpose of this initiative is to give the children a sense of responsibility and ownership whilst also reducing crime and disorder in the future. We are pleased that two of our stations have been adopted by the Redbridge heartsseven kings stationcommunity,

  • South Park Primary school has adopted Seven Kings station 🙂
  • Goodmayes Primary school has adopted Goodmayes station 🙂

goodmayes stationAs part of the Station Adoption scheme, the schools have been involved in auditing and suggesting ways we can improve our stations. Goodmayes Primary school have been involved in helping us improve our green spaces through gardening days, something we hope to roll out at all our stations.

One of our aims is to educate our station adopters through safety talks, cycling engagement and understanding how each department within TfL Rail contributes towards delivering a safe and reliable railway. We are currently working with our Environment Officer and have proposed a recycling competition to our schools, where they will be asked to build a train using recyclable materials.

We hope to continue with this fantastic work in future months.  Please get in touch if you want to know more. Tel: +44 (0)20 7444 0151 Email:

crossrail ambassadors

Sultana and colleague

Sultana Pasha

MTR Crossrail Ambassador


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