Marketing Queen Bee is speaker at Sophia Hubs entrepreneur’s club Tues 23 Feb 12.45

Lorraine TapperWe are delighted to welcome local Lorraine Tapper as speaker at the entrepreneur’s club on 23rd February.

  • Topic: Attracting local customers with the marketing queen bee!
  • Speaker: Lorraine Tapper
  • Day/time: Tuesday 23rd February 12.45- 2/2.30 arrivals/refreshments 12.30
  • Venue: St Johns Church lobby, St Johns Road, Seven Kings IG2 7BB
  • Fee:  – 1 Timebank hour (This month it’s half price – the speaker and networking lasts 2 hours). If you are not a member already, you can register on the day. Please don’t worry about this – it’s a wonderful addition to your network – we can explain how!

I love working with local start-ups and small businesses.  As a marketing consultant it is clear to me that the internet is one of the most vital parts of any business model and so this session will be to help you work on a marketing strategy that works for you, with a focus on the internet and on local customers.  I look forward to meeting you all.  Lorraine Tapper.

marketing queen beeLorraine was formerly a social worker and coach, working for local authorities but had to change direction in the recession of 2008.  She had the choice of re-training, hunting for jobs, or setting up her own business. She decided to do all three, but on her own terms.  Her business is the Marketing Queen Bee.

This is open to all start-ups.  Small businesses looking to refresh or to build up networks are welcome.  It’s helpful to let me know if you are coming:


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