What a lot we learned about SEOs! Our websites are going to top of Google!

Mike Loomey sessionGreat entrepreneur’s club session yesterday (16th Feb) at Enterprise Desk 🙂  Mike Loomey as promised really did tell us a whole load of secrets and tips about how to get our website to top of Google searches.

10 start-ups, Redbridge Libraries web and IT lead Maria Reguera plus Alan of the funky Barkingside 21 blog were treated to a 2 hour session that Mike regularly presents at City Business Library.

Interesting that Rozi a mortgage start-up from Goodmayes did not discover Sophia Hubs or Enterprise Desk in her google searches for local help and only found us when she enquired at Goodmayes Library.  So Sophia Hubs needs to heed Mike’s advice.

Our first step is to find out from friends and contacts what words you would put in Google to try and find us…. then we’re going to check out the statistics for those searches on Google, then we’re going to embed them in our websites in the places that matter. 🙂

So please do let me know what you would search for if were wanting to find Sophia Hubs – email me on ros.southern@sophiahubs.com.

Mike did a great demonstration of a business giving away something for free but letting us all know what an expert he is!  He says that in fact most of his trade comes from his free workshops. Take note – a good tip! 😀

I’m definitely taking up the offer of an hour’s free support once I’ve done some leg work.

We’re ‘paying’ Mike in Timebank hours. He’s a big user of ECHO Timebank and has now joined the Redbridge one.


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