Thoughts on money and the local economy by local open source IT businessman

shop imageSmall businesses are the lifeblood of the economy we are told by those in power, and every encouragement is given to start your own business. However I have also heard that cashflow is the main death of a small business. Quantative Easing (Q.E.) was meant to “kick start” the economy and get banks
to lend to small businesses, but from what I have read, this is not happening.

Working in I.T. you learn to solve problems, break things down into manageble chunks, and get to the source of what is going wrong. This is not to say that problem solving is the sole preverve of the I.T. professional, as I believe that all work (life even) is essentailly problem solving.

However in I.T. you have to have a curious mind, see problems as challenges, and continually work to improve the system.

“Money doesn’t grow on trees” we are told from an early age, but did you ever find out where it does come from?

It took my curiosity as to why the Government through Q.E., pass money to banks to then pass it on to money sterlingbusinesses. Why not just cut out the middle man. The Government could then earn interest on the loans, which could go towards say schools, NHS, infrastructure . . .

Looking for answers I spent a lot of research time on the internet, and came across many experts Bill Still, Max Keiser, Mike Maloney, Steve Keen, Ellen Brown . . . (Not every day names), and discovered the history of money and how it is used to control society, among other things. Conspiracy Theories aside, the fact is that money plays a crucial role in shaping and controlling society, and yet hardly any of us know why and how the money system works, which is disturbing.

Armed with this knowledge and not knowing how to deploy it is a frustrating thing. Luckily I came across the “Positive Money” website and found a group of volunteers dedicated to exposing the wrongs of the system, but not only that they have a credible plan to put the system right. Based on the book by Andrew positive moneyJackson and Ben Dyson “Modernising Money”, In the 5 years since Ben Dyson founded the campaign they have forced a debate in parliament, the first in 150 years, on money creation. One of their supporters is Lord Adair turner (Chairman of the financial Services Authority (2008-2013), who said:

“The fianancial crisis of 2007/08 occured because we failed to constrain the PRIVATE financial system’s creation of private credit and money” (6th Feb 2013).

Positive Money campaign is to raise awarenes of how money is created, by whom and for what purpose. In a nutshell PRIVATE banks CREATE money when loans are taken out thereby increasing the money supply. When loans are repaid the money supply shrinks. Positive Money want to take this power away from the banks and place it with an independant body accountable to parliament.

One of the key statistics to observe is that during the period 1997-2007 banks lent more for financial speculation than to small businessess:

Allocation of the money supply by Private Commecial Banks on behalf of the Nation 1997-2007:

  • 40% Housing & Commercial Property, arguably leading to property bubbles.
  • 37% Financial Assets.
  • 13% Non Financial Business i.e. small business, construction (real economy).
  • 10% Credit Card & Personal Loans.

We are all concerned lately about the environment, where our food comes from, the quality of our water, saving energy, squeezing the most our of what we have got. I would add the money system to that list. The quality not just the quanity of money has a huge impact on our lives. If money is your god then maybe you have no concern where it comes from, but if you see it as a means to an end, a catalyst, a driver to improve our lives and our communities then I would argue that you need to be involved in its creation and use.

If you maybe you are sceptical of the above information, or perhaps think it incosequential to your daily life, at least I hope that this article has piqued your interest and curiosity to find out more about the subject yourself.

uspMy promotion as a small local business!

I am an I.T. consultant specialising on “Open Source” software and targeting my efforts at the small business sector. I can support your business needs in both hardware and software, and help you navigate the I.T. jungle. With over 30 years experience in various I.T. roles, I can act as a bridge between stakeholders and technologists, ensuring that you get the most out of your I.T. assets.

Baz Jones – 0208 593 8779

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