What the SEO engineer won’t tell you- Mike tells all to Redbridge! 16 Feb 5.30 Enterprise Desk

Search Engine Optimisation – what the SEO Salesmen Won’t Tell You! 

The Sophia Hubs entrepreneur’s club on Tuesday 16th February is at 5.30-7.30 at the Enterprise Desk in Ilford Library.  Please arrive early so that speaker Mike Loomey can find out about your business website.  This weekly entrepreneur’s club is for start-ups but this event is open to all businesses in Redbridge and nearby.

We are paying Mike in Timebank hours and are asking everyone that attends to join the Timebank – laptops on hand.  First couple of session are ‘free’ but after that the payment will be in Timebank hours.  It’s easy to build up your account – we will explain and give support. paid by SophiaSEO workshop logo Mike LoomeyHubs.  Mike is owner of 3 in 1 Responsive Web Design.and runs this session at City Business Library.

Who is it for?

Website owners, or those who manage or create content for a website and want to learn how to achieve higher and more profitable search engine rankings. It will be equally useful for individuals; SME’s; start-ups, or more established businesses.
Technical knowledge is not required for this course.

What you will learn:

  • How to assess your website’s current standing.
  • How to improve your Search Engine rankings.
  • Lots of completely legal SEO tips and tricks.

What will it cover?

  • How search engines work.
  • When and where Google adwords would help.

    Mike Loomey

    Mike Loomey

  • Keyword research and website planning.
  • How and where in your site to use your keywords.
  • The importance of building good links and where to get them.
  • Recent changes to local search.
  • The importance of a having a mobile friendly site

Benefits of attending:

  • Understand your website better and know where you are in Search Engine rankings
  • Spot some great niche markets and identify the best target keywords to capitalise on them.
  • Learn on-site and off-site strategies for lifting your rankings and improving website traffic
  • Ensure content is accessible and relevant to your audience, with a high probably of generating extra site visitors and increased revenue.

All Attendees will get:

  • On-going access to the constantly updated PowerPoint slides for this event.
  • Free use of an ever-expanding toolbox of free, easy to use SEO tools and programs


Do I Need to bring a laptop?

Laptops may be brought but are not necessary. Please bring a notebook and pen and lots of business cards for networking purposes.

How can I contact Mike with any questions?

You can contact Mike Loomey on 020-8594 1320 or 07967 044282
or email


4 thoughts on “What the SEO engineer won’t tell you- Mike tells all to Redbridge! 16 Feb 5.30 Enterprise Desk

      1. Nikita

        I am from Ilford..The link provided has different dates (19 Jan and 16 Feb) and venue(Gants Hill and Ilford Library)…I am available for 16th Feb event. Will both events have the same contents?


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