Guest blog Ross Diamond – Make your organisation more sustainable by being more entrepreneurial

Ross DiamondAre you a voluntary sector leader in Redbridge?
Wanting to make your organisation more sustainable?
Want to explore new ideas and new ways of working?
Want to find a positive critical friend to support you in making changes?

Why not get involved in a project that aims to help organisations to become sustainable through being entrepreneurial?

In the current climate a significant reduction in the availability of grants, particularly Redbridge CVSfrom public sector sources, has resulted in some voluntary sector groups closing – leaving a void in local service provision. We believe some of this can be avoided. In order to help local groups move to a more sustainable future, we are offering a programme of seminars, networking opportunities and one-to-one advice on becoming more independently sustainable. We believe this package of support can provide the positive encouragement such groups need.

We know that solutions are not always obvious, as you tend to be (rightly) totally focusedSH logo final 2014 on your day-to-day operations.  So this programme gives you the opportunity to think beyond the day to day, the space to consider difficult questions in a safe place, and the chance to say the unsayable. We want this programme to inspire you, challenge you, support you and affirm the work you are doing.

Our goal is to inform and inspire 450+ local voluntary organisations to become more entrepreneurial through the provision of information and online tools. That’s a big ask. But it will depend on you. Your willingness to engage. Your desire to continue change.

For those most committed to trying new ideas or introducing change to their organisation, we will provide intensive tailored support to 10 groups not only to survive into the future but go on to thrive with greater independence.

Interested? Fill out the simple registration form.

This is a project that Sophia Hubs is partnering with RCVS. To read our blog about it click here.

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