Satisfied customer loves incredible shower head – Hainault networking event outcome!

alvaro adairIt was great to attend the Hainault business network organised by Ros Southern from Sophia Hubs and local start-up businesswoman Sandie McEnaney at the Hainault café this week; great to share and learn what other businesses in the area have to offer.

At the meeting I met Sandie from (Personal travel consultant) she was keen to find out more about the shower, she asked if there were any reviews and I told her that the best thing was for her to take it home and try it. Next message from her was to say that she was very impressed and the difference was amazing!!  So that’s one business sale from the network which is great and hopefully the message can spread.

Last year my wife and I were given tickets to the ideal home exhibition at Earls Court, there we saw a demonstration of the Monster Shower we were so impressed that we decided to buy one, one thing is to shower headsee it on a display but, it is something else to experience the massaging effect that it creates.

We have lived in Hainault for over 6 years and always had problems with the pressure in the shower, If anyone opened the tap in the kitchen or flushed toilet the water flow to the shower would be reduced significantly. Stamping on the floor to let people know that one was having a shower was a common occurrence. (Not any more)

As we experienced this frustration for so many years and having spoken to a few neighbours we know that it is a
problem in the area, 
we contacted the agent in the UK and have been given the go ahead to distribute it.

    • Increase water pressure by up to 2.3 times
    • Water Saving up to 48%
    • Revolution of the spraying technology! 264 miniscule holes constructed.
    • 200 times natural anion emission effect like waterfall
    • Also the soft but strong shower will help the flow of the blood

Please take a look at my

Alvaro and wife Monica at Earls Court

Alvaro and wife Monica impressed at Earls Court

Youtube: (Video rights belong to catchers channel. Onlyused for ilustration purposes)

If you are with Essex and Sufolk water you can get a free Water saving it.


Alvaro Adair


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