See the ward breakdown of Redbridge business formations in 2015 – Seven Kings tops the list

Redbridge business stats 1Thanks to reporter Ralph Blackburn from the Ilford Recorder for passing on these statistics on company formations in 2015 nationally, in London, in Redbridge and also broken down into wards.  6882 companies formed in Redbridge in 2015.

And looking at the image below, top of the list for company formations in Redbridge wards is Seven Kings by a long way – 499.

Really hoping we can develop links with banks when these businesses open bank accounts to pass on information for local support. As already known Redbridge has a high number of start-ups forming each year and a high number of businesses closing.

This is what Sophia Hubs, Enterprise Desk, the Chamber and other key organisations are there to do (listed in our help and support page)  – to support and build up start-ups and Redbridge businesses.  Sophia Hubs Redbridge seeks to embed businesses in the community, develop alternative economies and build collaborations to create local economic resilience.  For a recent report by Friends Provident Society on what economic resilience is – read this report.

Anyone knows anyone that’s opened a business recently, PLEASE DO put them in touch with us. Thanks.  For all the stats look at this website

Redbridge business stats  2


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