Redbridge librarian Sue’s first blog on amazing business resources in libraries – a must read!

Sue Page

Sue Page at Enterprise Desk, Redbridge Central Library

Redbridge Library Business Information Resources 

Redbridge Libraries have a wealth of business information resources available for new business start-ups, the self-employed and established businesses. If you are not yet a member, join any Redbridge library for free and gain access to all of the resources below –

CobraCOBRA is our new online business encyclopaedia and reference resource. It contains hundreds of information sheets on setting up and running all types of business from hairdressers to running a hot dog stand as well as legal and financial information.

Credo referenceCredo Reference- this resource allows access to over 100 business books to read online with no overdue fines!

You can also download business e-magazines to your device which can be kept until you are ready to delete them. There is also a range of business magazines and daily newspapers for you to read at Ilford Central Library.

You can also download and enjoy digital business books on your computer, smartphone, or ebook reader anytime 24/7.

How to set up an online business bookWe also have a range of printed business text books at all Redbridge Libraries and an extensive collection of business reference books at Ilford Central Library.

For library opening times please and further details about joining the library

To access all of the above resources:

For help and advice on using any of the resources please contact the Information and Heritage section at Redbridge Central Library on 020 8708 2417 or e-mail

Sue Page

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