Redbridge Timebank community skills trading and social market place 23 Feb 6pm at Marjorie Collins Centre

We are trying out a new style, lively, fabulous Timebank skills swap.  It’s going to be an alternative economy trading floor and social market place 🙂

Redbridge Timebank logo

Redbridge Timebank logo

  • Time and Date: Tuesday 23rd February.  6.30 for 6.45 start until 8.45pm
  • Venue: Marjorie Collins Centre, 237 Grove Road, Chadwell Heath, RM6 4XF.
  • Booking: On eventbrite please: click here


Richard ebay

Richard may offer Ebay help?

We are not pre-booking the skills swaps as this takes us a lot of time to organise. We are piloting a more organic and spontaneous affair (within a structure).  Also we wanted to offer a platform that gives an opportunity for more socialising which of course leads to more trading deals being set up in following weeks.

How it will work: 

Tahir coding session

Tahir may offer coding?

It will run over 2 hours – first hour clarifying offers/socialising/agreeing trades, second hour
trading skills hour

During the first hour: 6.45-7.45

As people come through the door they will be asked to put up offers on boards. So ideally you come prepared with skills you can offer.

Glendas session best

Glenda may give intro to NLP?

Socialising, refreshments, and putting down what skills on offer that  you are interested in.

We will work out which offers are most popular or have takers and let you know so you can go and set up your session in time.

2nd hour: 7.45-8.45

Corine convo low res

Corine may offer French conversation?

Skills exchange. The takers pay an hour to the Timebank and the givers get paid an hour.


  • If you want to offer a service you might need to prepare it in advance and bring resources, knowing that you may never carry out the service if people were not to sign up for it.
  • If you want to carry out a service it needs to be suited to a minimum of one person and to a maximum number of your choice.


  • Just show up and have fun 🙂

    yoga begonias class

    Marie may offer yoga?

This also means that there will only be a one way service provided this time. As we get used to this new system we will be able to increase to two hours of services traded, but not just yet.

Not everyone might be able to do all that they wish to do with this way of trading but everyone will be able to have fun and join a group to receive a service.


Smeranda talking to 2 people about life in Romania

Smeranda may talk about life in Romania?

Volunteer helpers earn hours too!

If you want to help us organise this, before or on the day, the Timebank will pay you your hours.http://Smeranda may talk about Romania?

With your help we hope this will be a success. With your help we can learn from it and make improvements next time around. 🙂

If you are not a member of the Timebank it would really help if you register first and give us references. Go to the website and click on ‘click to join us’

Stephanie Mugo, Timebank manager.

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