Mo Obadina on refreshing your business vision at entrepreneur’s club 3rd Feb 5pm supported by business students from Redbridge College

We are running a series of joint entrepreneur’s club sessions with Redbridge College business Mo Obadinastudents.  It will involve an exchange of skills across the generations from business students to start-ups and vice versa.

Fantastic and very experienced business trainer and coach Mo Obadina is the speaker, personally recommended by Amanda Simpson.

  • Wednesday 3rd February 5-7pm at Redbridge College.
  • Refreshing your business vision 

Mo is a business growth expert with over 20 years experience of transforming businesses through coaching, training and business analysis.  She is passionate about supporting and developing women in business by helping them to get their MOJO back, hence her business name  She works with small and medium sized businesses giving mosmojo_logo2them strategic advice in the areas of business structure, process and marketing.  And she currently hosts a free monthly women’s networking meeting in London and has supported over 300 ranging from pre start to existing businesses, through her training and coaching. 🙂

I am looking forward to this opportunity.  I am going to speak about refreshing your business vision.  I refresh my vision for my business and all projects at least annually.  I’ll talk for a while and then get you all to do an exercise then we’ll feed back.  Mo

We’re hoping that you will be willing to give this new venue and new partnership a try.  There’s excellent parking facilities and it’s on bus routes. Best to arrive early to get to meet the students.  We are hoping that the students may be willing to help you with some aspects of your business where you need the theory – eg business models, accounts, or maybe social media or marketing support.  We have been wanting to bring youth into the mix for a while as we know it will be beneficial for all.

Siobhan ClouterI am excited by this partnership.  Our young people are talented and a lot of them are already setting up businesses or want to.  It will be very useful for them to meet up with start-up businesses and for this networking and mutual learning to be made available to them. Siobhan Clouter, student engagement manager.

And something else new is starting in February.  We are going to incorporate the entrepreneur’s club into the Timebank. Sophia Hubs has joined as and organisation and is going to offer the 2 hour club support as a service on the Timebank.  At first we will only charge you an hour but will require everyone to join the Timebank after a couple of trial session.  We trust this encourages you to offer skills to build up your bank of hours. And we are offering the speakers their time in Timebank hours which we hope will encourage them to buy/use the skills on offer in our Timebank on on the London ECHO Timebanks.  More news about this on the day. (Ros)


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