Creative bites by Farhana – her new cake business and highlights of the entrepreneur’s club on sales with Nnenna Anyanwu

Farhana YousafI have been baking since my school days and for friends and family for many years. Finally last year I decided to start it as a business and set up Creative Bites by Farhana! I started by setting up a Facebook page to showcase some of my existing product pictures and from that point onwards have started taking proper orders.

Cake by Farhana 1 Here is my personal promotion that I tell people and which is absolutely true. ‘I make bespoke cakes. You imagine it and I will create it. Each and every cake is unique because it is all hand made so no two cakes cannot be same.’ And here’s my tagline: “Cakes, Bakes and Chocolates by an artist in me” 

My facebook address is: and you can contact me by email  It would be great if you would Like by Facebook page 🙂

It was useful to attend the entrepreneur’s club this week and to meet other Redbridge start-ups. Althoughchocolates by Farhana the businesses were all different it was helpful to hear the issues and to see the similarities. I think I am on the right track with my business. I am getting sales and building up at the right pace for me and the family. 🙂

Here’s my summary of the main points presented by business woman Nnenna Anyanwu and what we discussed together:

  • Believe in your product and yourself. Sell yourself to yourself. Whenever we are trying to sell our product must present it with confidence. Must trust that your product is the best.
  • Create a sale system/process which you repeat. Must develop a methodology to sell product. Carefully select statements to use and must use them again and again. Also follow the same method to contact customers.
  • Outsource / buy in your weak areas or spend time to learn them. In order to run business smooth and efficiently must take help when and where needed. Also get training when needed.
  • Make sure product /service is presented to the customer as a complete package covering each and every aspect start to after sales.
  • Also keep going back to the existing customers with fresh offers or reviews to keep your clientele intact.
  • You must know after all the activities to promote your business what responses to filter. Must review how many customers you obtained after a certain set of activities.
  • Be thick skinned, don’t take it personally. If you don’t get any response  in some cases a negative response don’t get dishearten. Keep trying.
  • Must set up a goal to achieve. Divide it into segments – monthly, weekly, daily. Set penalties for missing it and prizes or rewards for achieving it.
  • Most important one. Never give up. Keep trying. You will be successful if not today than tomorrow.

Cakes by Farhana 2Please do get in touch with me if you want a hand made, bespoke cake for an event.

Farhana Yousaf

Cakes, Bakes and Chocolates by an artist in me

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