Usha of Healing Feeling start-up with tips on happiness plus clever ways to build your email subscribers

Usha ChudasmaThis year, I am focusing on marketing myself a bit more.  The initial marketing strategy is to build my list – by the way, this is good advice to all start-ups – build your list of e-mail subscribers.  
When people sign up from this e-mail signature, or the web-site, they have the option to download my 10 FREE tips to Happiness. These are tips I use in my daily life and I will be sharing more in my newsletter – but that will only go out to the people who have subscribed.  The first newsletter has already gone out to the people who have signed up.
You can sign up at anytime but if people sign up by Friday 8th January, they will hear about a bonus surprise I have up my sleeve and I will tell people on 11th January for their chance to be part of it.  Being on my list will mean that I will stay in contact with more regularly and will hear about the other tips, offers and workshops etc that I Healing Feelinghave coming up.    They will also get my free monthly newsletter packed with inspirational quotes, blogs, stories and lessons to learn.
Usha Chudasama.


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