Hainault Cafe hosts the first local business networking evening inspired by start-up Sandie McEnaney

Sandie McEnaneySandie McEnaney is a Hainault start-up travel agent who is believer in the importance of relationship building to get sales.  She is an avid networker because she knows that personal relationships and trust is essential for business, especially as customers have to trust you with their card details.

She worked for Kelvin Hughes until it closed down in 2012, and then found other work but Sandie Not Just Traveldecided to set up a business to fit in better with family life.  She plumped for a UK franchise business with good support and started as a travel agent working from her home. Her website is: www.global-1st.co.uk. She is successfully increasing her customer base and one customers Redbridge College for their student holidays and trips.

I have tried out lots of networking organisations in the area.  I am currently a member of Women In Business Network and attend many others from time to time. At the last Redbridge College networking event, I met Ros and we talked about the idea of a network on my home patch.  I think it would be great to get to know local businesses and start-ups and see how we can help each other.

So….. here’s the outcome of some creative thinking and a bit of outreach:Hainault Cafe

The first Hainault business networking evening – Tuesday 2nd February 5-6.30pm at the Hainault Cafe in Manford Way…An opportunity to pitch your business, join a friendly networking environment, connect with your neighbourhood and together help local businesses grow …   

We’ll need help to promote this and to get a good turnout.  I am excited about having a networking event on my doorstep.  Thanks so much to Yalcin for keeping the cafe open after hours. Let’s see how it goes! Sandie McEnaney

Hallmark shop, Manford Way

Manager of Hallmark is coming!


I am extremely glad this event is taking place.  I think it is so important to be involved in the
community.  It’s in my diary and I am looking forward to it. Naomi Green, Hallmark shop, Manford Way

It would be helpful if you could email Sandie if you plan to come or wish to be kept in the loop or want to get involved in some way: sandie@notjusttravel.com

Sandie McEnaney in cafe

Sandie in the cafe


Yalcin Hainault Cafe owner

Yalcin Hainault Cafe owner





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