10 tips on selling your product with Fiona Flaherty at entrepreneur’s club 12 Jan IF you do 5 minutes prep. She will be paid in ECHOs!

Fiona FlahertyWe are delighted to welcome back Fiona Flaherty, an experienced local business woman to the Sophia Hubs entrepreneur’s club on Tuesday 12th January. It’s a lunchtime session at St John’s Church, Seven Kings from – 12.45 start to 2/2.30.

Fiona Flaherty works in the area of public health as  a Nurse Consultant.  Her company is Meducate Healthcare.  Fiona has extensive contacts in the community and business sectors (she doesn’t distinguish between the two) and a participatory, practical and inspiring session is guaranteed!

Fiona will lead a session on 10 ways to sell your product or service but she insists that to make this session work you need to come prepared.  Bring with you a piece of paper with the following information: 1) The name of your product or service 2) How much you charge. 3) who you are currently selling to.  This will be used in the session.

Fiona has asked to be paid in ECHOs – our Timebank currency. She has been trading with the Newham Timebank and sees enormous benefit for start-ups and businesses to really take on the Timebank concept.  The London ECHO Timebanks use the same currency.  So far speakers have not received payment for their services but this is a New Year and we are developing. 🙂

We are delighted to do recompense Fiona in Timebank hours for her time at AidanEntrepreneur’s club because it encourages Timebank trading.  This is a timely request for us. We are planning to charge Timebank hours to attend the club in the near future as a way of contributing to its sustainability .  This will put a little pressure on start-ups to actually use the Timebank to develop their business, which we see as a good thing. Aidan Ward, Sophia Hubs Director.

The club is open to Redbridge (and nearby) start-up businesses.  Build your network and skills.   Don’t forget your preparation. 🙂


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