How can green businesses link with Forest Farm Peace Garden and other green community groups? Our first meeting…

Meeting Forest Farm Peace Garden and Sophia Hubs 7.1.16We had a useful meeting today with Anna Konarska, Coordinator of Forest Farm Peace Garden.  that’s me (Ros), Begona and Jenny –  the Sophia Hubs team that is exploring ways to build up green business in Redbridge.

What can Forest Farm offer the green business sector and Sophia Hubs?

  • Stalls/opportunities for promotion/leading workshops at two or three key and well attended events: World Music Day event and Abundance day.
  • Space for events and meetings – in the garden or polytunnel
  • Promotion in the monthly newsletter which goes to 700 people, and on Facebook page
  • Potentially storage place in a container (maybe for furniture awaiting upcycling)
  • 2 skilled volunteers in carpentry
  • AND….. 🙂 a wind turbine that needs mending which perhaps could be the first focus for a green technology pilot.

What does Sophia Hubs see as some of the potential areas that could enable the beginnings of a thriving green business sector in Redbridge?

  • A place where upcyclers (including Ilford Recycle’s bikes and paint preferably) and green inclined individuals and start-ups could meet, store stuff and start some creative thinking and planning.
  • Events/places where upcyclers and green businesses can have stalls
  • Linking up green projects (such as Ray Park eco house) with green businesses and developing the green directory.
  • Starting up some sort of group or team skilled in repairs and with green technology skills or people able to pick up skills quickly – a small pilot repair cafe for instance at Forest Farm Peace Garden events or the Redbridge Green Fair.
  • Identifying and drawing in the different strands related to green business such as food growing (Organic Ilford), holistic health, eco fashion, making natural cosmetics, green transport, energy conservation, bio diversity….

Two more points of information that we all thought were highly relevant:Redbridge green Fair green banner

The 2016 Redbridge Green Fair is scheduled to take place this year on Sunday 29th May inGreen Means Business front page
Valentines Park 11.30-7.  And Jenny showed us the booklet called Green Means Business produced by London Sustainable Development Commission on the potential of the green economy in London and how to get there.

‘We really enjoyed working together with Sophia Hubs last year, and the professionals and local businesses they recommended made a valuable contribution to FFPG events.
I am very excited at the prospect of further development of partnership with Sophia Hubs, and I hope that through joined publicity network and events we will be successfully promoting green businesses and initiatives in the borough. Both of our projects are very well suited for being green hubs in the area and trough our partnership we can hopefully contribute towards building a strong green sector in Redbridge.  Anna Kornaska, FFPG

If you are interested in being kept in the loop on this please email Begona on, Jenny on or Ros on


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