2016 Sophia Hubs entrepreneurs club starts with business canvas and help with customers and sales Tues 5 Jan 12.45

We’re getting together a very practical 2016 programme for our entrepreneur’s club for start-cropped-sh-logo-final-2014-e1397227444529.jpgups in Redbridge and nearby.  Generally information is on the  Entrepreneur’s club page on the website https://sophiahubs7k.wordpress.com/entrepreneurs-club/.  The theme for January is customers and sales.

Tuesday 5th January 12.45-2.30: help from an expert, networking and support from peers

AidanThe first session will be with Sophia Hubs director Aidan Ward using the business canvas model. If you google it there’s plenty of information but try this.   This model is an easy way to see your business on one page, make changes to see what works/test things out, make it a living document that can adapt with what you learn.

At this session we will be concentrating on Key Activities (how do you do it?), Value Proposition (what do you do?), Audience Relationships (how do you interact?), distribution channels (how to you reach them?).

business canvas plain

It’s at our St John’s Church venue, St Johns Road, Seven Kings, IG2 7BB.  12.45 (no car parking restrictions after midday).

See you there!



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