Inspiration from Bangladesh for ethical and green business, vlogging, business support and business canvas model

This link was sent by Peter Musgrave, one of our volunteers, with a passion for community development and environmental issues.   Peter is back to Bangladesh for a couple of months in January.  He has had a  couple of hours help on the Timebank to set up a blog and hopes to keep a record of the  projects in Bangladesh he and Ruth are involved with.

We find the business canvas a very helpful way to plan and manage a small business and I really want one of those large business canvas boards! .  Here’s a link about business canvas and here’s a blog about a session we ran on it last year.

The upcycling group launched at the upcycling green business meeting held in November is currently exploring premises and ways to develop upcycling in Redbridge.  Begona Belmonte our green business volunteer is seeking out more green businesses in Redbridge to help promote the sector with the potential to build collaborations.  Here’s the Redbridge green business directory and how far we have got with it.

One outcome from the first upcycling meeting is that the Barkingside 21 coffee morning in March will feature Brenda Maguire – recycled paint painter/decorator and upcycler and Habiba Ahmed, Redbridge recycling officer – both expert upcyclers.  Pleased to have made these introductions! 🙂




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