Wow! 1338 volunteer hours given to Sophia Hubs Redbridge in 2015 indicates that our work is valued and valuable

Thanks so much to the long list of volunteer supporters we have worked alongside in 2015 🙂

  • Timebank: Stephanie Mugo (Timebank
    creative writing Rabia

    Timebank skills swap – a great way of volunteering for 1 hour to share community skills

    Manager), Begona Belmonte (Deputy Timebank Manager), Lynette St Cyr Caesar, Harminder Sethi, Jenny Coverdale, Sam Cowan

  • Admin/support: Jenny Coverdale, Shilpa Patel, Theo Samuels, Yvonne Tomlinson, Peter Chauncy
  • Sophia Course: Peter Musgrave
  • Entrepreneur’s club: Vic Norman, Claudia Castillo, Begonia Belmonte, Karen Leighton, Barry Atkins, Ian Chambers, Robert Jackson, Muhammad Nasir, Aidan Ward, Debbie Skeete, Aciel Haddad, Clive Sheldon, Tahir Mahmud, Wendy Foster, Meenakshi Sharma, Sat Kumar, Mark Braniff, Liam Hickey, Shahriah Hossein, Jeff Conway, Olive Hamilton Andrews, Amanda Simpson, Elaine Hall, Keith Stanbury, Dishan Joel, Kalpna Patel, Fiona Flaherty, Ola Asgill, Nnenna Anyanwu, Prodeepta Das, Sarah Henderson, Albert Peters, Celestine Ekpenyong, Monalisa Chukwuma, Nicola Millington
  • Management:  Dee Datta (Chair of Management Group), Kunle Olaifa, Ola Asgill, Diane Wynn Fitzgerald (retired), Nnenna Anyanwu (retired), Tahir Mahmud, Muhammad Nasir, Kalpna Patel
  • Development meetings: Ruth Musgrave
  • Green business – Begona Belmonte, Jenny Coverdale
  • Sophia Hubs Ltd Directors supporting the Redbridge hub: Aidan Ward, Jonathan Evens, Clive Sheldon
  • Other:  NCS volunteers, Ros Southern (many additional hours!), and others that may have been left out by mistake – see below.
course final photo March 2015

Sophia course March 2015 co-facilitated by Peter Musgrave, volunteer

All volunteer help is valued and valuable – if I have left someone off, big apologies, and please tell me so I will add to this list.

The total of volunteer hours is 1338 🙂

If anyone wants to help quantify this into money – please do get in touch.  There’s some information here about the economic value of volunteers, although of course we know that the economy is a lot, lot wider than money!  See an July blog by Aidan Ward, Director, on economic community development


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