Timebank news – Marjorie Collins Centre desperate to earn more hours to continue with chair yoga sessions!

It’s not just individuals who use the Timebank, organisations can benefit from it too….

The Marjorie Collins Centre in Chadwell Heath is a purpose-built day centre for people with health farm face packsMS. Its premises are large, airy and modern, so it was a perfect place for the Timebank to ‘rent’ in June to host a health farm away day (all paid for, of course, in Timebank hours).

The centre re-invested the hours earnt by ‘hiring’ a teacher who has been coming since August to run weekly chair-based yoga and relaxation classes for its users (paying of course in Timebank hours). A nice example of how organisations can source much-needed services, without having to touch their cash budgets – all thanks to the Timebank economy.

Tom MurtaghThe Centre now wishes to hire out it’s premises on the Timebank so as to be able to continue with the chair-based yoga which is proving very popular.  If you’re interested, contact Tom Murtagh (Centre Manager) direct, or email us on sevenkingstimebank@sophiahubs.com or ring text 07707 460309.







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