Redbridge social enterprises got ideas for renewable energy project? Funding available for feasibility study

green business logo light bulbAre there green business ideas out there that need support? If yes, please do get in touch.  If you have an idea for renewal energy, take a look a this info on Redbridge CVS website – note the
deadline is 29th January. Kamkwamba windmill

If you want a bit of inspiration, here’s an article posted on Transition Town Redbridge Facebook
page recently – a Malawi young person William Kamkwamba, who taught himself through books to make a windmill out of junk  to power his whole village. See his TED talk

Sophia Hubs volunteers Begonia Belmonte and Jenny Coverdale are working to develop the green business sector in Redbridge. The first milestone is to bring everyone together and to develop a comprehensive Redbridge green business Directory, which is still a work in progress.  There has been a lot of research and activitiy among the upcyclers, since the first meeting in November.

If you are looking to develop green businesses, or will apply for the renewable energy grant, or could help us in anyway, do get in touch!

Hoping for a Green New Year! 🙂

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