Call out for yoga, mindfulness and meditation teachers to bring well-being to Redbridge businesses in 2016

Sam cowan yoga cartoonAt the White Paper discussion this week on alternative and sharing economies we talked about utilising resources we already have (such the wisdom of elderly people and spaces such as libraries and the Enterprise Desk) and knowledge (the recent Enterprise Desk seminar on mindfulness and business) … And we talked about how stress is an inhibitor for a vibrant local economy as things (including business and community life) only work well when people work well…..

White paper 16.12.15 Tahir feeding back

Tahir Mahmud feeding back on elderly people as a resource

So, following a challenge from Nicola of FP Comms at our White Paper discussions, let’s just start something to use spaces we have and skills we have.. why wait?!

Call-out for practitioners who would be interested in helping us pilot well-being early bird sessions.

Possible resources on offer as part of an alternative economy:

  • unused, heated and staffed public building
  • administration time and publicity by Sophia Hubs, FPComms and East London radio
  • well-being practitioners (including start-ups) willing to offer free services for the pilot

Interested? Contact or

Looking forward to trying something out in January or February! 🙂

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