Monalisa’s main tip to start-ups – your brand must be authentic and the real you


Jaswant showing Monalisa her new logo

Thanks to Monalisa Chukwuma for a fabulous session at entrepreneur’s club this week on branding. 10 start-ups attended and gave the session a thumbs up for help and clear ideas for branding in 2016.

Here are some of Monalisa’s tips:

  • Your brand is what other people articulate about you, how they see you, so you have a brand already.
  • To develop your brand, it needs to be the real you/your business, so congruent, authentic imageand consistent.  Don’t think what your customers want (outside focus) but what is special about you -what  you offer,who you are (an inside focus)
  • If your brand is about a good quality and good customer service, then concentrate on giving the client what they want, whether or not it takes a lot longer and therefore goes over your time allocation and quote.  The customers satisfaction is worth more than the income for your brand.
  • It’s good to blog. Blogs need to be professional if you use Linked In.  One of Monalisa’s blogs brought in 3 contracts totalling £10,000.
  • Because your brand is authentic and your business is part of you, you need to ‘be your brand’ at all times – so no tittle tattle, no unprofessionalism, no off-guard moments.

Jitendra talking through his LED light invention

Thanks so much to Monalisa for staying for an extra hour or two to offer support, encouragement and tips to the start-ups that attended.  Much appreciated!

Oh, and well done to Stephanie and Amanda who have started their 2016 marketing calendars following advice at the entrepreneur’s club last week! 🙂


Stephanie and Amanda with their 2016 handmade marketing calendars!


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