Will the real sharing economy please stand up! NEF article on the good, bad and real sharing economy

NEF logoA review of the sharing economy from Facebook to Uber to Couchsurfing by the New Economics Foundationhttp://www.neweconomics.org/blog/entry/the-sharing-economy-the-good-the-bad-and-the-real#.VmqLKGDgVmU.email

We are facilitating the Enterprise Desk White Paper discussion on utilising alternative economies in Redbridge at 8.30 am on Wednesday and if you are interested in attending please read this link and then book a place on eventbrite.

Here’s a short article by our Director Aidan Ward on economic community development (and why we are so keen to build relationships between business and community) and on a slightly Fairness commissiondifferent topic of social investment.

To read about our Timebank see our website home page, or to see about the ECHO London business Timebank, or to read an BBC article about a successful Timebank in Brazil.

The NEF was part of Redbridge Council’s recently completed Fairness Commission. 



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