Free book writing seminar in London recommended by Usha of Healing Feeling

Usha ChudasmaFor any start-ups thinking of writing a book...

I just wanted to say that I went on this course in September and what you get is 2 days of FREE information about how to write a book from inception of an idea to having it published.

Now, with all FREE courses, you know they are trying to sell you something but they way Gerry Roberts does it is, he tells you upfront that he’s going to talk about his program by setting aside some time on Saturday night and to tell you about it and if you don’t want to stay – you leave – simple.  There is no obligation to buy.

The rest of the weekend is PURE content and you leave with a manual with all his tips and ideas and step-by-step blueprint of how to write your book…so you can virtually do it yourself.  I’m writing my book as a result of going to the workshop..and I have looked around other organisations and one of the things everyone tells you is to put your experiences on paper – i.e. write a book. I know others attending Sophia Hub have already taken this journey before me.

Here is a link for another workshop coming up on 23/24th January 2016 – and I will be going again because there is so much to take in….let me know if you want to go along and we can go together. 🙂

The last time I looked, there were only 21 tickets remaining.


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