Timebank Manager Stephanie Mugo blogs about a fantastic Timebank community skills swap this week

Richard Ebay 7.12.15 2

Help with Ebay

Thank you to all the people who joined us on Monday for our December Timebank Community Skill Swap event.

It was the first event organised mainly by our Timebank Deputy Manager Begoña. Thank you Begoña for all the hard work you put into this event. And well done because it was fantastic!

Also a big thank you to Jenny, Julie and Lynette who gave their time to help run the event.

Betina and painting session

Art with Betina

It was in a new location: the Seven Kings Library. Thank you Mina for giving us this opportunity. Thank you for giving us all we needed to make it yet another amazing event.

It is always quite a thing to organise this type of event because we never know who will turn up and who won’t. It is impossible to factor everything in.

But I have noticed something quite amazing about these events, not just Monday but every time for all the events: there is such an amazing vibe. It is as if we entered another world… No matter what can happen, and for us the worst that can happen is people not showing up, it always works because the people that are there want to have fun and want to connect with each other. There is often some shuffling around, people who were meant to lead a workshop in the end attend one instead or vice versa. One might think of this as a rather stressful situation but actually it is all part of the fun and I for one absolutely love it.

Liam meditation in kitchen

Meditation with Liam

All of you amazing members really captured and represent the essence of what the Timebank project is trying to achieve and it is really heart warming to attend all our events.

On Monday we had an amazing meditation with Liam, we focused on compassion and unbiased universal love and care connecting with the recent Isis crisis. A very interesting quote he worded very quickly and almost unoticebly which I caught was “an eye for an eye only makes the world go blind”. I thought it was a really great sum up of the current situation. It might not be the exact words but the meaning is there.

Kathy lead a worshop on living in touch with nature and people really enjoyed it, especially learning about recipes such as a deodorant recipe with coconut cream and lime?!? That has gotten me curious for sure…

Kathy & Paul on fantastic local plants

Excel with Amanda went really well. And so did Ebay buying and selling with Richard. People are not only learning to use Ebay but also learning how to do it safely.

Creative writing with Tiara is always amazing and she had prepared something different for Monday so all the fans of the activity could try something new.

Kim taught us how to make a flyer using a Word document. The attendees were amazed and glad that by the end of the session they had made a flyer they could use.

Making flyers with Kim

Making flyers with Kim

A new activity also: painting. Betina from Paracarnival lead a session on how to paint a bird and the results were really beautiful. 

Ros took a group through learning to use forums online such as Streetlife, Streetbank… 

And Tahir taught us the first steps of coding. I attended that one and it got me so hooked that I could not go to sleep that evening until I had drawn my first circle using coding… I got to bed at 1.30am ?

If you missed it you can still find these services available on the Timebank and you can for

Creative writing on Christmas with Taira

Creative writing on Christmas with Taira

most of them book a one on one session.
Or why not come to our next event. Look out for our emails and make sure you join our Facebook group and Like our Sophia Hubs page.

Have an amazing week.Timebank manager badge
Guest blog by Stephanie

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