Marketing planning tips from Nicola of FPComms – brief summary of a great entrepreneur’s club this week

imageThanks to Nicola Millington for leading our entrepreneur’s club this week.  We were a smallish and select group and did some serious thinking about marketing plans for 2016. 🙂  Nicola is Director of FPComms a successful and growing marketing business in Redbridge.

Nicola’s tips…

  • Marketing is like house-keeping – you need to keep it order – steady maintenance with good planning
  • Pick one day a quarter for a promotion – it could be your business anniversary or tapping into things like Small Business Saturday or well-being week or a Redbridge festival such as the Fairlop Fair.
  • Partner with other start-ups and small businesses – don’t over burden yourself.  Eg therapeutic small businesses could do promotions/events together (planning on this started right away!)
  • It’s best to be working a year ahead, but at least get things in the diary for 2016.
  • Want to find out what the trends are to tap into those?  Nicola always goes to Oprah.  She knows her stuff and has spent loads of money on finding and utilising trends, so use that to your advantage!
  • Cobra database (free to Redbridge library card holders) will tell you the key dates/events forfpcomms_logo your business

As a final offering from Nicola, here’s an Oprah you tube video that shows how determined and focussed Nicola is on her business goal – she visualises where she will be in 5 years time and she’s like Oprah’s guest. Take a look!

Thanks Nicola! Next week’s entrepreneur club is with Monalisa on branding on Tuesday 15th December at 12.45.



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