Annemarie of Kimiko Loves upcycled fashion start-up gives a bit of an update on Redbridge upcycling meeting

AnnmarieHi, my name is Annemarie, business name (Kimiko Loves). I am currently working part time in the NHS and previous to that I worked 11yrs in sales. I have increasingly become less enthusiastic about my “normal” job, and have now decided to convert my time and energy into a business that I am passionate about.

I have a passion for fashion (excuse the pun!) Acquiring old and unloved clothing and re-styling them into something new and current is a major focus for me. You can check out an example of one of the dresses I re-styled here!

My background in theatrical costumiers as a young girl, certainly whet my appetite for clothing and design. My first ever attempt at restyling was at 8 years old, when I decided to cut up my mother’s wedding dress in order to make three outfits for my sisters and I.  My mother wasn’t best pleased to say the least.

Kimiko Loves is in the early stages of development as a business. We hope to improve with the help, knowledge, and experience of those in the newly formed Up-cycling/Recycling Enterprise first upcycling meeting keith marie monica annemariegroup.

Today I attended an inspiring meeting of people and businesses that are upcycling (or want to) and how we can build up this sector within Redbridge.  Thanks to Brenda for allowing us to use her charming home, to Ros and all who attended the event.  We are keen to work together on this project.  We all took 1st  meeting pairs and footstepson actions to find more people and organisations that can help us or inspire us.

We agreed that a priority to take things forward is to find some premises to work from and will all look around the Borough. We also all took on other actions to see what other projects and ideas we can use from other Boroughs. 

I will be checking out:

  • Waltham forest second time around
  • Mother Frockers
  • Blackhorse Rd  Workspace 
  • Forest Recycling Project. 


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