Good turnout and top business-networking-for-dummies practice at Redbridge Enterprise Desk and Sophia Hubs Entrepreneur’s Club

imageThe first joint Sophia Hubs Entrepreneur’s club and the borough’s Enterprise Desk event  went down well last night.  About 30 start-ups and businesses came to hear Stefan Thomas, author of Business Networking For Dummies.

A flavour of the businesses there: journalist, graphics, courier, IT, google experts, tuition, crafts, wills, marketing, painting/decorating, virtual office….

Some of Stefan’s networking tips that went down well:

  • Ditch the pitch – think about what others want to buy, not what you’re offering – there’s a subtle difference.
  • Don’t tell them everything! You actually are selling ‘ spend a little time with me another time to find out more’
  • Most people never follow up on a business card – it’s your job to keep in touch.  Business Business networking for Dummies front pagecan sometimes come years later.
  • People do buy your passion – it’s you and your passion for the service/product that they are interested in.
  • Add all your contacts to a database (CRMs are good) and keep in touch with them
  • It really is OK (better than OK, good!) for you to pick up the phone and ring your contacts.
  • Never under-estimate people.  It’s worth having a chat with people who seem unlikely buyers.

Stephan is a the business show today/tomorrow and his book really is worth buying. Excellent tips.

Next entrepreneur’s club Tuesday lunchtime 8th December at St John’s Church, Seven Kings.  Speaker to be advised (and added here). The theme this month is marketing.



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