The 8th Sophia course cohort are on their way to set up new projects and businesses in Redbridge

Good news!  Four women have spent 3 sessions together with facilitator Peter Musgrave and Ros Southern (me) to work through their community and business ideas.

All four women havIdeas incubator with seeds of an idea sheete been incubating their idea for well over a year and they all feel clearer and more confident to move forward with it.

Introducing the four ideas…

Gladys is going to pilot a women’s group called Sister Act to work with women with low confidence and who are finding life hard. She will work in collaboration with other groups in the area and has found a free venue to meet in.  She has a lot of experience in management and in working with vulnerable groups.

Jaswant is going to set up a private tutoring business to help children with science, which is her
passion.  She is particularly keen on inspiring girls with science.  She has been working on the idea over the last 6 months at the entrepreneurs club.  What she has gained from the Sophia course is clarity about her values/passion for science – it is not just about getting an income and running a regular business – and this seems to have freed her up to move the business forward.

Session 3 final looking at footsteps

Kathy talking through her footsteps to take project forward

Kathy is going to set up a social enterprise called Plantastic which grows, harvests and uses plants/herbs for health and well being in the Dagenham and Goodmayes area.  The project will generate income by creating and selling fruit & herb beverages, lozenges and condiments from their Community Gardening surplus. She will involve local residents and get them growing, cooking and using local plants.  Kathy and her husband are running a session on ‘the benefits of living close to nature’ at the Timebank skills swap on Monday 7th December.

Sarah is working towards a project to ensure that disabled people can live a full life in Uganda. Her brother is disabled and she is aware that as the family lives in England her brother We will work on your able to live a full life which would not be the case in Uganda. She is going to look at what services are already there and collaborate with these. At the same time she is going to build up her knowledge of disability and running a business.  Sarah is in her 20s and she sees this project as something she is working towards over a long time frame.

And the great outcome is that these 4 have agreed to form a support group – business buddies – and to meet regularly to check that actions are being taken and to share knowledge and skills. 🙂

Thanks so much to Peter Musgrave who contributed his rich community development experience and helped shape the course.  To read a bit more about the Sophia course, click here.

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