Thanks to Celestine Ekpenyong for a helpful talk and personal one to one support for start-ups

Celestine session networkingAt our entrepreneur’s club this week we had a very useful talk from Celestine Ekpenyong whose business Every Box Ticked enables businesses to write proposals and win contracts and tenders.

Celestine talked about the importance of vision and looking forward to what your business will look like (including scale, number of staff, turnover) and then forward again to how you want to close it or pass it on.

Start-up spent some time reflecting on their vision and then shared this and got feedback from Celestine.  The value that seemed to come up a lot (eg what is underpinning the vision) is autonomy to work for oneself and the sense of freedom and control that this brings.

Some tips from Celestine 🙂

    • Do not dwell on the past. You cannot change what has happened, but you can affect your future!

    • Use your mistake to learn from – write it all down, analyse it, know what to do next time

    • Be willing to build up gradually – don’t get premises or taken on staff until you really need them!

    • Set yourself targets – make each week better and a step forward from the previous week!

All of the personal one-to-ones with Celestine were not recorded of course but the 8 start-ups that came along were grateful.  Brenda tweeted later on ‘  Thank you for a motivating talk at , excellent speaker!’

We are very grateful for the time given by local business people in supporting start-ups.   And as business is about networking we also know that speakers enjoy the chance to offer support and also build up their profile too. 🙂

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