Book up for community help at Timebank skills swap 7th December 2015. Fantastic offers!

We are grateful to Redbridge Libraries for letting us use the Seven Kings Library on a Monday Seven Kings librarywhen it is closed. There are computers there so we have a few computer-based sessions on offer.

Monday 7th December 12-3.   Bring your lunch and buy some drinks. (We are looking for a caterer to run a mini refreshments bar)

This is what’s on offer in 2 1-hour sessions:

  • one-to-one help with Linked In with Martin Southerncommunity skills swap
  • buying and selling on Ebay with Richard Joynson
  • Living in touch with nature for health and well-being – Kathy and Paul Mason (Kathy has just completed our Sophia course and is going to set up a business called Plantastic)
  • Meditation session with Liam Chai
  • Creative writing session with Taira Khan
  • How to create a flyer in Word with Kim Judgecartoon Timebank ethos - low res
  • Beginners coding with Tahir Mahmud
  • Using excel sheets for your incomings and outgoings with Amanda Simpson
  • Painting with Bettina
  • Spanish conversation with Begona Belmonte (unless someone else wants to offer!)
  • Using local online forums – streetlife, streetbank, Facebook groups with Ros Southern
  • French conversation – not found the French speaker yet but will do!

You need to book in so we get our numbers right and can lay out the library appropriately.  Please do spread the word about this – it’s an exciting way of sharing skills, getting to know each other and helping start-up businesses 🙂

Thanks to volunteers Stephanie and Begonia who are organising this event. But they are earning hours too – so they’ll be on the lookout for Timebank offers! 🙂


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