Looking for interesting news on start-ups in Redbridge. Do you want to write a promotional blog?

smiley with handsJust a reminder that we absolutely love guest blogs!  Any news on interest on how your business is getting along, or businessy or community news. 🙂

Here’s a few past ones to inspire you…

Liam Chai (Timebank member) on the gift economy

Keith of Recycles Ilford (social enterprise) about the monthly bike sales

Donna Mizzi (small arts events business) on the need for pop up shops in Redbridge

Brenda Maguire (new start-up) on her vintagy, quirky, recycley painting and decorating business (Brenda posted this on her Facebook page and the blog got 165 hits!)

 Boris Johnson on the Business Energy Challenge

Harminder Sethi (Start-up and Timebank member) on the Prince 2 course she is taking on the  Timebank

Jeff Conway (entreprenuer club speaker) on why he uses Streetlife to promote his business

Pleeease can we post your guest blog this week!! 🙂

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