Handmade Christmas cards by homeless artists looking for places to sell – what do you suggest?

Christmas cards HLPRedbridge’s Healthy Living Project and the Welcome Centre users have designed some beautiful Christmas cards.  Of course it’s one thing to create a great product, and another to find your market and to get the deal 😉

  • With our recent successful Awards For All funding we will be running a small project Enterprising Redbridge to work specifically with Charities to help them to start trading.
  • At the same time, there are plenty of artists in the borough (including the artists that designed these cards) who are looking for outlets to sell and hopefully to start making a good profit.
  • There are others in the borough who are already running arts businesses and we would love to know them all to see how the arty sector in the borough can be developed….

In the meantime, here are some wonderful Christmas cards, and the project is looking for outlets where they can be sold and art work can be displayed and sold:  markets, bazaars, shelf spaces in shops, foyers….

Can you help with an outlet?  Do you want to buy these cards? Do you want to keep money circulating in the local economy?  Contact Sonia Lynch on Sonia.Lynch@thewelcomecentre.org.uk or ring 0208 514 3283.  In the meantime don’t forget to try out the first Ilford Arts Trail. 🙂


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