First meeting of Redbridge upcyclers – can we develop a significant Redbridge green business together?

Brenda's cabinetWe are pleased to announce the first meeting to gather together entrepreneurial people in the borough with an interest and some experience in upcycling.

Brenda McguireBrenda will host the meeting in her house which is full of upcycled goods!   Brenda is a newly established painter/decorator who is aiming to use only re-used paint.

Begona's chest of drawers

This piece was found on the road!

Begona Belmonte is our green business volunteer and she will be there too.  She is keen to develop her upcycling skills and to help develop the green business sector in Redbridge.  She is helping to develop a dedicated green business page on the website which is still in progress.

For me upcycling is a great way to participate in the local economy,  not as a consumer but as an active member with an artistic flair.  I enjoy updating pre-loved pieces that might end up in the skip otherwise.  I use chalk paints, metals and stencils to transform a dull piece into a desired art piece. Begona

The meeting will be in Barkingside on Thursday 3rd December 12.30-2.30.  Please ring 07707 460309 or 07985 540786 to find the address.  We will be joined by Habiba Ahmed, the borough’s inspirational recycling officer, who is also a keen upcycler and recycler.






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