Two co-working spaces in Redbridge – Enterprise Desk in Ilford and The Duke in Wanstead. Are there more?

The Enterprise Desk co-working space

The Enterprise Desk co-working space

One of the things about starting and running a small business is working alone in your bedroom or living room.  Co-working spaces are a great resource to help keep things a bit more social and less isolated.

We want to keep a directory of co-working spaces where you can work with others and have a bit of an office feel. We need your help to find out what’s already there, or nice cafes/spaces you think can be developed.

So far we’ve found two for you to try out…

The Enterprise Desk on 2nd floor of Ilford library Monday-Saturday, open all the times the Library is open.  There is a host for each session – a local business person.  Info about that is here, if you want to help and be part of it..  On Wednesdays Amanda Simpson of Amazingly Simple Accounting Services Ltd is the host.   Updated wifi network.  For info contact

Amanda and Brenda at Enterprise Desk

Start-ups Amanda and Brenda at the Enterprise Desk

I am the host on Wednesdays to answer any queries businesses may have about Enterprise Desk. I find it useful for myself as I use the workspace and can run workshops, meetings and network with other SMEs.  I set up a Timebank exchange meeting this week to help Brenda Maguire with using an excel sheet to record all her incomings and outgoings. She missed my session at the entrepreneur’s club last week. Amanda Simpson,


Daisy Wain at Duke co working space

Daisy Wain using the co working space

The Duke Wanstead, Tuesdays 10-5pm.  This is a new venture for the pub and doors are opened earlier to try to match office hours. There’s a 25% reduction on the lunch menu.  It’s a friendly, light and airy place and there’s a register to see who’s in and to help with promotion.

Duke staff meeting

Duke staff meeting in the pub

Sherry-Lee of The Duke says: “we are open to any suggestions from businesses about what you would find helpful.  Do come and give it a try!”




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