Sophia course session 2 – reflecting on root impetus and root problem, mapping resources and potential collaborations

Session 2Session 2 of the Sophia course spent another 2 hours working together on the fabulous community and business ideas of 4 local women with a passion for community issues…

  • support and confidence boosting for women,
  • community growing and cooking,
  • disability rights and services within Uganda
  • tutoring/loving books/science for young people

We covered homework feedback, community mapping, identifying the roots of our idea and group input and advice on each idea went down a treat!  The ideas had incubated over the week and we shaped and worked on them in the session. See some feedback from Sarah and Gladys….

And here’s the comments and advice from group members on each idea.  Third and final session is on 24th November when we will announce the new projects. 🙂  The Sophia course is a way of working on early ideas for Redbridge residents to become active citizens and entrepreneurs.  To see about the first session click here.


Sarah ideas flip

group input on Sarah’s idew

Jaswant ideas flip

Group input on Jaswant’s idea

Gladys ideas flip

group input on Glady’s idea


Kathy ideas flip

Group input on Kathy’s idea


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