Redbridge photobooth start-up gets help to utilise excel sheets with bookkeeper start-up

Amanda Simpson with Richard and MaureenWe had a practical and pretty chilled session at the entrepreneur’s club on 10th November.

Thanks to Amanda Simpson, a Redbridge start-up business in bookkeeping for such a practical session.

We were joined by Maureen and Richard from Hainault who have set up Icon Photobooth. So far it’s been more about outgoings than incomings but their first few bookings are coming up! 🙂

Very relaxed friendly approach with a professional attitude. Really helpful info and advice.  Good to be with others that have just started and to share info and experiences. Thanks Amanda! (Maureen and Richard Willis)

One issue that was discussed was legal issues when working from home. Amanda recommended the HMRC website for info on this.  This is the correct page.

To contact Amanda, please see her website.  To see how Amanda got a website set up at no cost see this blog about the Timebank.



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