Love Joining Those Dots! Nat West Ilford to tell all new businesses about Sophia Hubs, Enterprise Desk and the Chamber

Nat West Ilford business advisersPretty pleased with the outcome of a meeting today with business specialists Christian, Donna and Zahid at Nat West Ilford. 🙂

Nat West Bank, as well as other banks, have a remit to engage with the community and wanted to know about Sophia Hubs.

After some creative thinking we realised there are dots that need joining:

  • In the London/Essex branches 714 start-up businesses have opened accounts this year so far and probably a quarter of those are from Redbridge.
  • Sophia Hubs has a range of services plus the blog with loads of info, Enterprise Desk has opened and runs a range of services, Redbridge Chamber runs networking events and a year’s free membership to start-ups.
  • All the above services want to make contact with start-up businesses to do our job efficiently
  • The business advisers meet each new business account holder and pass on info.
  • The business advisers are very happy to pass on extra information about Redbridge community support and services for business

and so, hey presto, if I send the info to Christian Wilkinson, he will……

  • Create an attractive document and pass to each new business account holder, at the START of the meeting.
  • Send the links of Sophia Hubs, Enterprise Desk and Redbridge Chamber in his follow-up email
  • Add the three links to the bottom of his email signature.

If this is not a national, standard procedure for banks and business loan making bodies, then hopefully given an year or two it will be!

Thanks to Nat West bank for a warm reception.   Christian can be contacted for business advice on

Other banks, here I come! 🙂



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