Redbridge Timebank manager announces good news! 100 members and next skills swap booked for Mon 7 December at noon

fireworksHi everyone. I am bearing great news  – We have today reached 100 members. Wooopppeeeee!!! smiley with hands

Come and celebrate with us at our next Community Skill Swap Event.  It will be on Monday 7th December 12pm to 3pm. Venue to be confirmed.

Please let us know if you would like to lead a workshop at the event.

An update on some of the skills swap this week:

Liam ChaiLiam gave me a session of personal coaching, the third one so far and he really helped me to make more sense of things in my life. We have been using techniques, strategies and concepts to help clarify my mind, organise myself better, and focus on what really matters.   Since I started these sessions I feel so much more focussed. But also more in the reality, which I was struggling with connecting to recently. This is quickly leading to much more happiness and satisfaction/fulfillment in my life.  Thank you Liam.

And as a direct swap, Liam received some of my Energy Healing magic which hopefully tends to

Stephanie Mugo, Timebank manager

Stephanie Mugo, Timebank manager

bring an amazing sense of relaxation at first glance, but which generally also helps with re balancing the whole body’s system, health and well-being. Not to be blowing my own trumpet  🙂


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