Jolly good turnout to hear Albert Peters at entrepreneur’s club at Redbridge Enterprise Desk

Albert Peters at Sophia Hubs entrepreneurs club at Enterprise Desk

Albert Peters at Sophia Hubs entrepreneurs club at Enterprise Desk

We had a useful and well attended session at our evening entrepreneur’s club this week at the Enterprise Desk space in Ilford Library.  This is going to be a useful collaboration between Sophia Hubs and the Enterprise Desk! 🙂

Our speaker was Albert Peters of Pegasus HR (see previous blog for more info on him) and he attracted a few established businesses, start-ups and also those considering setting up a business.  Albert was able to draw on very wide business experience and training/coaching experience to give useful content and input to such a wide range.  Amazing!

Some of Albert’s tips:

  • Make a record of what you are spending before you start-up.  HMRC takes account of 6 months’s prior costs
  • When you’re working out your prices you need to take into account all your living costs, days you can’t work/low seasons etc – don’t price too low, it does not help you in the long run.
  • Get good service agreements always with all contractorsAlbert Peter's speaking at entrepreneurs club 3.11.15
  • In partnership working you must get a legal contract, and really do not go into partnershipwith family members
  • Get other people to review your website and publicity
  • It’s worth taking small loans to keep your bank manager involved/interested in your business. It may come in handy during next recession.

Very glad to say Albert is willing to speak again.




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