Kim Judge, young Redbridge entrepreneur, launches the first Ilford Arts Trail on 12 November 2015

Ilford Arts Trail flyer 2015Kim Judge established Conscious Cosmos, a start-up business in August 2014. Conscious Cosmos is an events, entertainment and arts promotional business covering the London Area.

As a Redbridge resident, Kim is particularly keen to help develop the arts scene in Redbridge.  She sees the arts as an important way of building community cohesion and a lively and exciting local scene which includes the development of the local economy.

Kim is very widely networked in the borough and has worked in collaboration with Vision, (Redbridge Council’s leisure trust) on other creative and well-being projects.

So far most of the art and events projects she has worked on or led have not drawn an income but she sees this as important experience that highlights the main focus being on the arts rather than financial gains or restraints at this point.  It is essential too as she is continuing to build her profile within the borough as a young entrepreneur.  Pulling off the first Arts Trail in Ilford is a pretty impressive achievement!  Earlier this year she organised an art exhibition at The Cauliflower of Seven Kings born artist Lynne Blackburn – read Kim’s guest blog about this.

Kim Judge

Kim Judge, young Redbridge entrepreneur wants a lively arts scene in Redbridge

Kim partnered with the BlueOrange art department at Redbridge College which is led by Yamena Farkhani. Students and teachers were very excited to be involved and they have even designed the poster and leaflet. Kim wants people to know that this service is available to anyone within the borough – charities or businesses or individuals.

Kim is using this event as a pilot to establish an arts trail in Ilford following the success of the Wanstead Arts Trail over the last 5  years.  She has identified 23 venues and 60 artists.  Watch out
for further information and the flyer on the various venues within Ilford.

The trail starts Shinwari Restaurant, 229 Cranbrook Road at the Cauliflower Gin Palace in Seven Kings. There will be 2 stalls in the High Road pedestrianised area on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th from 11-2.

Watch out for further information and the gorgeous flyer on the various venues within Ilford.  When the Facebook events page is live, or a temporary website – I will add this here.


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