Sophia course cohort number 8 starts well and the ideas are incubating!

Ideas incubator with seeds of an idea sheetWe got off to a good start last night.  The Sophia ACE course has five great new participants who want to work on their entrepreneurial idea over 3 weeks.

Welcome to Sarah Kigozi, Jaswant Matharu, Gladys Scoker, Shahanara Begum and Kathy Mason.  All five women want to tackle social/community issues and it looks like most are going for a social enterprise set-up.  Jaswant will be working on her business idea of home tutoring.

The task now is for the ideas shared to incubate this week, for the participants to mull their idea over, research similar projects and come back next week with how the idea has changed. Next week we will need to see how the ideas can be made realistic and achievable and to look at the community support and networks that can support the ideas.

This has been so great!  I was worried that I would be exhausted and have trouble staying Kathy with incubatorawake (I have 5 children) but this was inspiring and helpful.  Shahanara Begum

I loved the incubator box and just had to have a photo with it! Kathy Mason





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