Timebank trading this week – decorating Nuzrat’s salon, Linked in, Prince 2 and the amazing cure of Sam’s feet!

Here’s an update on some of the Timebank trading that’s been going on 🙂

Brenda has painted Nuzrat’s beauty salon room.

NuzratimageNusrats salon before photoNuzrat's salon freshly painted best

Nuzrat is offering haircuts on the Timebank.

Martin Linked in LucyMartin has helped Lucy with her Linked In profile and he’s still attending Ifty’s Prince 2 course.  Lucy is a start-up business.

Stephanie (a business start up) has given Sam osteomyology treatment and Sam’s feet are walking straight for the first time ever!  See this amazing testimonial that I hope is going on Stephanie’s Linked In page 🙂

Stephanie gave treatments at a Health Farm Day that I helped to organise and I saw how blissed out her clients looked afterwards and I thought: “I want some of that!” I was also curious about what exactly Osteomyology was, so decided to book in and experience it for myself.

As I learnt, Osteomyology is a modality that blends treatments from different disciplines, such Blue lotus of osteomyology banneras combining Chinese Medicine with fascia unwinding and other techniques, so that the practitioner can use whatever they think will best serve the client. Stephanie got me to do various bends and stretches so that she could assess my skeletal structure. She then said: “This isn’t as bad as it sounds, but..” and proceeded to tell me about all my bones and joints that were misaligned or out of place.

The nicest thing about Stephanie’s treatment was that nothing hurt! She worked on my soft tissue and connective tissue to make structural changes. We did a lot of fascial unwinding work together. This was a first for me, but I really enjoyed it. It felt a little bit like bobbing around in the ocean and letting the current sweep me in all sorts of directions. This first part of the session was done with me fully clothed, very much working in partnership with Stephanie.

We finished off with a deep tissue massage for my back and some energy healing work. I felt warm and buzzing from this and couldn’t believe quite how much we’d managed to fit into one hour.

The biggest change for me since the session has been in my walking. I’ve always walked with my feet splayed out and just accepted it as the way that I was made. This is no

Stephanie Mugo

Stephanie Mugo

longer the case and my feet are totally parallel to each other when I walk. Several weeks on from this session, this new pattern is still holding, so I have declared Stephanie a ‘miracle worker’. My sense is that the work Stephanie does can save people from huge structural problems down the line (I am thinking hip and knee replacements), so my present self and my future self are both very grateful that ‘we’ paid her a visit.

Please keep us posted on all the stuff happening in the Redbridge sharing economy on our very own Timebank!  To register for the Timebank click here

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